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Why Study in Malaysia?

Top 10 Reasons To Study In Malaysia

  • Lower Costs Of Studying & Living
  • Job Opportunities For Students
  • Seamless Immigration Procedures
  • Safety Not A Concern
  • Unique & Diverse Culture
  • No Language Barriers
  • Wanderlust For Travel Enthusiasts

Malaysia is fast becoming a hot favorite with international students. Its educational institutes are counted within the top 200 universities in the world. The best part of Malaysia is its international students from around the globe including India. Presently, there are more than 100,000 international students from over 150 countries in Malaysia.

There are over 100 recognized universities that provide you with tertiary education in 151 courses. An undergraduate course in Malaysia would cost just 39,990 MYR. Malaysia also offers you international degrees from the UK, the US, Australia and other countries at lesser costs. If you are planning to study abroad, here is an article that lists why Malaysia is a great place for higher studies.

Estimated Cost for International Students Top 10 Reasons To Study In Malaysia.

Annual Tuition Fees       : USD 5,000 (appx)

Annual Living Cost        : USD 4,000 (appx)

Best universities to study in Malaysia for international students?

Top ten universities in Malaysia for international students to study in Malaysia are under below:




Universiti Malaya

Kuala Lumpur


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bhangi, Kuala Lumpur


Universiti Sains Malaysia



University Teknologi Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur


Universiti Putra Malaysia



International Islamic University Malaysia



Universiti Utara Malaysia


Exists in top 200 universities

Universiti Teknologi MARA


Exists in top 200 universities

Univerisi Malaysia Sarawark


Exists in top 200 universities

Universiti Tenaga Nasional


Exists in top 200 universities

What kind of financial help or grant in Malaysia for International students?

Multiple scholarships awarding to international student in Malaysia for study. Students must subscribed themselves to these scholarships for latest news and updates.

  • Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Scholarships
  • Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)
  • IACT Creative Talent Award 2017
  • Institute of Research Management & Consultancy & Brightsparks Scholarship
  • NEXUS Scholarship 2016
  • Asia e University: AeU Merit Scholarship
  • Foundation in Science scholarship
  • University of Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Sunway College Special Scholarship